Documentation for PythonAPI


As PacketLogic PythonAPI spans over multiple PacketLogic firmware versions it has a separate version numbering scheme from the PacketLogic firmware.

PacketLogic PythonAPI version numbers look like this: major.minor.micro

  • major is increased every time support for a protocol version is added or dropped.
  • minor is increased when a new feature is added.
  • micro is for bugfixes.

The PacketLogic PythonAPI supporting PacketLogic firmware v11,v12.0,v12.1,v12.2 is version 4.0.y. When a feature is added the minor is increased to 4.1.x. When support for v12.3 is added (or v11 is removed, if that happens first) major number will be increased, so the version number is 5.0.0.

When a new major is introduced, new features are never added to previous majors (= it stays at same minor forever), but bugs may be fixed (=increased micro).

For public beta testing snapshot builds are made available, they are fetched from a separate repository and have build id and timestamp appended to the version number (e.g 4.0.1-1234-20090509).

Also new features are always added to _all_ protocol version within the current major. This means that the API is the same regardless of the version of the PL you are connecting to, and if serverside support is required it raises PLNotSupportedInFirmwareError exception.

List of major versions

  • 4.x.y supports PacketLogic firmware v11,v12.0,v12.1,v12.2
  • 5.x.y supports PacketLogic firmware v11,v12.0,v12.1,v12.2,v12.3
  • 6.x.y supports PacketLogic firmware v11,v12.0,v12.1,v12.2,v12.3,v12.4,v13.0